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They are still busy optimizing the sounds and styles

It's one thing to be developing new sounds and styles vs merely 'optimizing' existing sounds and styles already in the Pa3X.

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Did you hear these sounds and styles live or on a video?

Though I wasn't there in person, I've got the original full HD uncompressed master video footage that my friend Tapas shot live 'in person', and he came to the same conclusion that sound wise, the Pa3X didn't sound much (if at all) different than the Pa2X. Short of Korg creating at least some 'new' sounds and styles, I doubt any amount of tweaking is going to dramatically change the sound that much. That said, I keep remaining hopeful because there are features like the chord sequencer and songbook that hold my interest in the Pa3x.

Well the Tyros 4 sound as the Tyros 3 with some improvements. Why judge Korg if they do the same as Yamaha. I don't care if it sound like the PA2X because I already love that sound. But now with all the extra's on the PA3x it is a bargain comparing with the Tyros 4.