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I recently had a chance to demo both a T4 and a T3 for a few hours...

I personally think the upgrade from T3 to T4 in sound quallity (espescially drums and styles) is huge. Its the biggest sttep Yamaha has taken since probably PSR 7000 to PSR 8000. Next to that the SA/SA2 voices are probably the best thing availble for emulating accoustic instruments in any piece of hardware available...
But when you just compare tech specs There isn't much difference between T3 and T4.

I agree with you completely, Bachus...I have played both the T3 and T4 side by side, and there is a fairly significant difference in sound quality...I had a Tyros3 here for over a year and got used to the sound...I now have the Tyros4 about 10 days, although I heard the difference almost immediately. The Tyros4 also sounds superb, right out of the box, with no tweaking.

And, you're right, looking at the specs, there doesn't appear to be much difference...but, sonically, there is...of course, this is my personal opinion having played both instruments extensively.

I also agree it was about the same significant step as it was from the PSR-7000 to PSR-8000...also a good analogy on your part, as the two instruments were so much alike cosmetically, as are Tyros3 and Tyros4.

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