Originally posted by Kingfrog:
How can Korg claim SA2 type voices when they have not added the samples necessary to create them (400 SPECIFIC to the voice) samples per SA2 voice)

I am not sure you have been reading my posts carefully, Kingfrog. I quite specifically stated that Korg has not yet created the CONTENT for the new DNC technology (let's just call it SA, and stop beating around the bush!), but that it CAN be added to this arranger, not bought at considerable expense by HAVING to trade up to the next PA model.

It can also be added by the user themselves, should they be able to create the content themselves (which no Yamaha user can). Korg can certainly claim SA type content (they don't claim SA2, but I am still not quite sure of the difference other than the two buttons for triggers - Korg certainly allow that). There's not much yet, but it can be added. No word from Yamaha yet whether their voice Packs can ADD to the T3's SA2 voice content, yet.

But the technology now exists, it only awaits the content, and THEN (and not before) you will hear a considerable improvement in the sounds. It's not here yet. But it's knocking at the door (and not trying to sell you something!)