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You've a right to gush...

I can only hope that the next Motif series will implement the SA/SA2 voices the same way the T2/3 has. I've played the XS6, and the way they are implemented there is a shadow of how well they are for the player to play (rather than the sequencer to sequence) in the Tyros.

I heard quite some rumblings about this issue at Motifator, perhaps Yamaha is listening...?

And Kingfrog, what is your major malfunction? DNC is SA technology (maybe SA2, I haven't scoped the manual, yet). Yes, the content hasn't quite arrived yet, but you can be sure it is coming. NOBODY called SA technology on the T2 when it superseded the T1 a 'minor upgrade'!

And THIS SA technology is completely at the command of the user... I don't know if you have been watching, but this kind of technology has been around for a while on GIGASAMPLER, and there is a huge library of sound samples already developed to make the most of it. It shouldn't be long before some enterprising owner puts two and two together, and ports some of this stuff over. Maybe even Korg could negotiate for some of it (I'm sure the developers would LOVE another sales outlet)...

This, in the mind of anyone not insecure about their recent expensive purchase, is some pretty significant stuff. The more you try to trivialize this, the more desperate you sound, IMO. Give some kudos to Korg for developing this, giving it away for free, and making it user accessible....

You are not THAT bitter, are you?

Hell no I HAD THE KORG PA2X for 16 weeks.
I played the Tyros 2 all day long at the store and STILL bought the Korg for $1000 MORE when I could have bought the T2 for $2300 new. The T3 changed all that. It gave me what I bought the Korg for and more. Drawbars (where they should be) Much better acoustic sounds. SA2 which is nice but its only a few voices. Far better screen with VGA out which is important to me as I did not want to pay extra for the Video out capability on the Korg and My studio is set up so I can see all my screens in front of me and not have to look left to see what the Tyros is up to.

There was nothing they could do to the PA2x board to make me want to keep it once the T3 was revealed. Against the T2 I would have kept it.

TNO IM not bitter, I just don't understand the logic of dismissing the T3 as a minor upgrade and claiming the Korg upgrade is like getting a whole new keyboard free.
Even you have to see the ignorance in that line of thought? no?

Besides that I still could own both if I wanted to if I had the room and wanted to read two manuals. I just don't need a lot of the Korg features I thought were pretty neat (dual sequencers,76 keys,familiarity with Triton thus touch screen technology etc)

I'm beginning to think there is a bias against the Yamaha because of it's success.
But thats mostly in the US. I believe internationally the Korg is better recieve for its ethnic style availability.
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