Originally posted by Diki:
This 'fanboy' is in no rush to go out and buy another arranger with WORSE capabilities than the one he already has, just for a few well articulated sounds

I can't blame you for waiting, Diki, but I think the new Roland will be much better than you think...it will have to be to compete in the home market...that's where the profits are, not the pro market...

I have a feeling it will be based on the E-series rather than the G, although it could also be a bigger and more powerful version of the GW-8...but time will tell.

The pro arranger market is a niche market that Korg is trying to garner for themselves with the PA2XPRO, which has far more scope and potential than the G70, if we're talking "pro" market...as you say, Korg is just getting started.

The PA-800 is a home keyboard, and should do very well if they can upgrade it to the new technolgy, but I doubt if it will interfere with Yamaha's fan base...not enough support for one thing, plus SA2 is still top dog, and will probably remain that way till the T4.

Then it starts all over again...

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