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I've got a feeling this is not over, yet...

Korg just gave away FOR FREE over 600MB of superb sampler content for the M3 from the Oasys library, including one of the best four-way grand pianos I have heard.

Maybe Korg could be persuaded to format it for PA2...

And Kingfrog... you're kidding, aren't you? How much did it cost a T1 owner to get SA? Or a T2 owner to get SA2? Yep, at least $1000-1500 each time.

Way to go Yamaha.

"The Korg M3 has been "Xpanded" with an updated ROM, three PCM Expansion volumes, DAW-derived editing tools, advanced KARMA implementation, plus enhanced TouchView functionality and features. "

If they add those features...Now THAT would be a hell of an upgrade. I don't see them doing that otherwise they would have done it at the same time. They gave a piece of that to the PA2x.

DNC, a search function, A polyphonic fix,score viewer,ninth drawbar.......I really don't see the MAJOR upgrade here. Looks more like some fixes and a few goodies. Certainly not worth designing another whole new keyboard around.

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