Originally posted by ianmcnll:
if want the best, you still have to get a Tyros3.


If you want the best SA2 voices, that is.

If you want the best drums, the best sampler, the best sequencer, the best voice editing, the best 76 note keyboard, the best harmonizer, the best style and SMF editing tools, the best Guitar Mode, the best 'live' sound, you may have to look elsewhere....

Look, the technology is in place. All Korg need now is a nice sized sampler load to take full advantage of the new triggering options (again, I remind you of the FREE 600MB+ that Korg gave away for the M3, so let's not assume it ain't coming, along with styles that use it).

How hard is it to imagine how ecstatic all the T2 owners would have been, if Yamaha decided to add SA2 capability (even if not yet fully exploited) FOR FREE...? Or the new guitar triggering modes? Or the score reader?