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this is the upgraded OS2 sounds......?
Oh my! Tyros 3 SA voices have nothing to fear
I liked the Nylon Guitar it's the same quality as the Yamaha's (albeit missing the Harmonics) Its sound like a differnt brand, But it's nice

The strings sounded cheesy and thin, but so do some of the Tyros 3's

The snare drum in the last track did not belong. IF this is and example of the great drums I can understand where thy might be considered so. This song is not where that snare belonged. It sounded EXACTLY the same on each hit, and it Sounded like a heavy brass snare where a maple one should have been used. The sax wasn't close to the SA2 sax.

Its great that Korg does worthy upgrades as it give's those who feel the instrument is incomplete hope.

I don;t feel there is anything about the Tyros I would want "upgraded" It is all I want as it is. I just want see and hear what those voice packs will offer.

But to compare the scope of the Korg upgrade with the difference between the T2 and T3 is a huge stretch of the imagination and reality.
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