I never saw an automatic score generation feature that was particularly accurate, anyway. Heck, even Finale can muck it up

Look, I know it's great to play King of the Hill, but it starts to grate when others begin to come close, and they didn't even have to pay for it! Yet alone when one's cherished (and expensive) feature is totally out of your editing capability, and theirs is at their complete command...

Yes, Korg have a way to go to catch up. But at least their owners are not being soaked while they do Ask any T1 owner if he would have liked to have had SA for free... or a T2 owner how happy he would be if Yamaha made SA2 a free upgrade.. (and let him make his own TVN's that used it)

Sure, there's lots more to a T3 than SA2. But nobody's exactly crowing over a score reader, are they? 90% of all the comments about the T3 are those SA2 voices. And the revoiced styles and EQ. Nothing that couldn't have been added to a T2 with a software upgrade and some TVN's.

It's early days for the PA2X owners. But it's done and done with the T3.