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Well, I'm not the one claiming either...

The T3 has much improved over the T2. But, as many T2 owners are pointing out (not exactly the bastion of Yamaha bashers you would like to think!), it may not be enough to warrant the price difference (not all of us are lucky enough to only have $600/year property taxes!).

And the Korg upgrade is FAR beyond the 'minor upgrade' you tried to dismiss it as. No, it isn't a whole new keyboard (yet). The content to use this technology has yet to arrive in quantity. But anyone realistic would expect it FAR more likely that Korg would deliver the content (for free, even) than Yamaha ever will. Yamaha have already announced the expansion TVN downloads they will be SELLING, and as of yet, no word whether any of this content is possible to be SA2. I'm not holding my breath, that's for certain...

As for Yamaha 'bashing', please.... So, when you critique a piece of gear, it's a 'review', but when anyone else 'reviews' a Yamaha, it's REALLY a 'bash'? Why so insecure?

It's a great piece of gear. Just like my G70. And, just like my G70, not without it's flaws...

I agree. I owned the PA2X for a fair amount of time. I feel qualified to point out the failings as they apply to my needs. I think Yamaha does get bashed a tad more than other boards. I understand why. I also believe Roland is more focused on their Pro Keyboards and really doesn't want to be a major player in the Arranger world. The E series is hard to find in the US. The G70 is over a generation older than the Korg and Yamaha products,

I know nothing about the G70 except that they were not selling on Ebay for $1800. That was my reason for passing on it, not to mention Roland does not seem to want to be a player in the Arranger world. I know how good Roland is we have an RD700 and its a great board and has great Drums and other sounds as well.
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