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Except for me and you

Thee very thing I LOVE about the Makeup Tools is that you can use it live... Play a sequence or style at the gig, and suddenly realize that the snare is a hair too loud, or the guitar part is too bassy, it's a snap to call up and adjust while you play, and then store at the end of the song. Fine tuning at the gig is the last step of polishing a mix, and the easier it is, the more likely you are to do it...

This goes WAY beyond simply dialing the volume of a style Track up or down. Just about everything, including the sounds within a kit, and all their EQ's, pitches, actual drum sounds, you name it, are VERY easily called up during playing, adjusted, and then stored. It's things like this that make me unable to change from Roland...

That's a nice no GREAT feature to have live for sure. IF I needed a live keyboard Arranger the YAMAHA TYROS would NOT be my first choice, I would have to play (or even find a G70) and or have kept the Korg. I have stated that on many occaions

The Yamaha is a studio unit solely. We will use tracks from it live but most of the tracks will go to the DAW before a CD. It's there where they will be tweaked, Effected and otherwise manipulated. IN a pinch the Yamaha is good enough IF one has a GREAT MIDI file to leave it alone and send it out on two outs. Others need four outs to seperate some tracks,

I would not use the Tyros live or any 61 keyboard for that matter. It looks unprofessional to me and certainly my wife who feels being hired as a keyboard player means nothing less than 88 weighted keys, with tracks if she needs them.

I would love to get my hands on a G70 for fun but they are no where to be found and my one and only chance to get one for $1750 a 120 miles away is long gone.

I love the Fantom but it is too redundant with what I already have in the studio. I don;t need the on board sequencer recorder.
When I was doing cruise ship gigs I did whole songs on the Triton and a laptop. But re voiced some when I got home.

IM really interested in the Motif's 6000 phrases and 4 arps. I may take a ride to GC and really give that a run. I would love to replace the RD700 with an X8. But I haven't mastered the Tyros yet and the Motif is far deeper. I'd rather play then be buried in print.
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