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I think Korg is running scared against T3 & trying to keep what ever owners they have from switching with Free upgrades?

I don't think they are actually "running scared", but they do have to do something to stay in the game.

A brilliant move for sure, and although from the samples/demos I heard, they aren't quite in the same league as SA2, they do come close to SA1 and mega voice which are now a few years old.

Only time will tell if they can bump the quality up enough to achieve SA2 level...personally, I don't think T2/T3 owners will give a hoot, as they bought the instrument for more than the voices...the other features like a superb OS and excellent 3rd party support figure well into the decision, not to mention the CD quality sound.

Roland's G70 is at the end of it's cycle, apparently no longer supported with OS upgrades, and incapable of competing with either Yamaha's Mega, SA and SA2, or Korg's DNC technology...so what will they do?

Competition always improves the breed...perhaps we will see a Roland arranger that can once again run with the big boys.

Your move, Roland..the fanboys appear to be getting nervous.


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