I think when the OS2 is out and we have some time to learn all of it....some may be more impressed than they might think?

I will tell you this...when I heard the PA2 demo's via MP3's on-line AND even in the store with high ens headphones..VS when I got it home and played it with my Mackie sound system...WOW! This baby sounds superb!

I think the DNC is a lot better than you may think...when I get it (soon) I will certainly give an honest opinion here. I can go 5 minutes from here and spend as much time as I want on a T3 for comparisons. To be honest though...I probably won't as I am not looking to keep switching every time some new thing pops out...cost too much! I already am happy with the PA2 so all this is GRAVY!

ALSO remember with the PA we can make ANY sound use DNC...not just the ones that come with OS2...could be sme fun and we will be able to create our own SA2 like voicesif we want...
I will certainly try it.

We are also told MORE OS upgrades are in the works...so I for one will not need new hardware for quite some time..

Who knows???maybe my next hardware will be PA3 or T4???

Lee S.