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I've got a feeling this is not over, yet...

Korg just gave away FOR FREE over 600MB of superb sampler content for the M3 from the Oasys library, including one of the best four-way grand pianos I have heard.

Maybe Korg could be persuaded to format it for PA2...

And Kingfrog... you're kidding, aren't you? How much did it cost a T1 owner to get SA? Or a T2 owner to get SA2? Yep, at least $1000-1500 each time.

Way to go Yamaha.

SA2 is not the only upgrade. Its just one of many that required a whole new design.
People are quick to forget the rest of the differences. There are a ton of them on paper. Match the specs of both, then look at the Hardware upgrades..
The 200 plus more voices, revamped EFX engibe, Hard drive, Sliders,and Screen, and SA2 voices alone are worth that much. plus m expandability with voice packs, and endless styles to choose from and convert.

I'd say $1000 is a no brainer....$2000? One must decide which they need the most. If I had a T2 I would defiantly spend $1000 for a T3. $2000? That depends on my financial situation and whether I felt the additions were worth it AFTER I actually compared the specs which many apparently have not done. All they hear about is SA2. I would not have upgraded for ONLY SA2 voices...those are a bonus to the rest of the differences

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