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Like I said in previous posts ....all this back & forth mumbo jumbo mine is better then yours, sounds styles dont mean squat.....if you ain't a player......when does this infantile mentality stop?
Just ask yourself this........if there was the perfect keyboard made tomorrow & it was free for you to have .....would you sound better as a "player" or not!

I think not UNLESS you ARE A GOOD PLAYER all else is secondary.....or a faker.

I rest my case...........

An extraordinary post from the guy that has gone through more different arrangers in the last two years that anyone else...

Of course that mumbo jumbo 'mine is better than yours' infantile mentality only applies when it is someone OTHER than you spouting it?

BTW, Fran, that IS the Roland factory demo sequence being played there, isn't it? I would hate to think anyone would take credit for something they did not do themselves, wink, wink!

Also, that particular sequence (from the G70 launch, over three years ago, probably re-voiced a bit for the E60) predates the Guitar Mode introduction.

Kalimero is right, also... Guitar Mode on the Roland's is either for live playing (and it only supports chording, not playing of solo lines like SA voices) or recording into a sequencer. You can then use it to make styles, but you lose the lookup tables that are optimized for guitar (which is what Guitar Mode is essentially about), and they revert to the standard tables, essentially ruining the pattern for anything other than the basic chords Maj, Min and Dom7th. Not to mention the inversion changes as you play in different areas of the NTA section.

Roland need to finish the concept (preferably with an OS update rather than a new model!) and integrate it with the style section. None of us REALLY want to devote two hands to making an acoustic or electric guitar pattern... We want to play OVER one, especially one that plays accurate guitar voicings and strum patterns. Korg got it right, Roland need to catch up...

And sorry, Fran. As much as it pains me (not really!), I've got to agree with Ian re. the Yamaha SA and Mega guitar style patterns and sounds. It is the one area of the Yamaha's I am extremely jealous about, and would LOVE to see integrated into my G70. The rest, pretty much, they can keep, but those guitars are a HUGE step better in realism. That's not to say that the Roland's are duffers, far from it, but Yamaha has an edge, especially electric guitars.

Me, I'm ultra picky (surprise!) when it comes to guitar sounds (I play with one almost all the time)... If I didn't have a real guitarist, Yamaha would be MUCH more likely to get my arranger dollar.

Finally, does the arranger make the player, or the player make the arranger? Both... IMO.
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!