o3bor..Yes I did, and the "new" kits are great..They are very much different than the kits you mentioned to compare..I think you wanted me to compare to the V-kits on the G70..

I think they were designed to be different..These "new" drum kits..do not have the same realistic sound when compared to the velocity controlled drums on the G70..The E-60 "new" kits get louder as the velocity is increased, but do not have the tonal changes the G70 V-drums offer..

I am sure this in part are larger[multi] samples within the G70..

I like the "new" drum kits..they are done well, but do not have the same full dynamics of the G70 V-drums..

Very noticeable on the "new" kits..are the extended cymbal samples[most likely looped]..They work great, but could be a tad too long in situations..I also like the way the G70 re-triggers when striking these cymbals while they are ringing,,,another benefit of velocity switching..

But over all I do agree the E-60 is a great drum kit instrument..like it's big brother..

Let me take back part of my statement..about the tonal changes via velocity..The E-60 definitely does change...maybe just a little different than the G70...I very much like the "new" kits..

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