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I tried an E-60 for most of an afternoon, whilst on tour in Newfoundland (only dealer in my territory that had one!)

This hardly sounds like they were available to try and purchase widely, Ian...

It is SO hard to sell something if only one dealer in your entire area even had one, once (he still got one?)_ Imagine how poorly the S900 would sell if nobody but one dealer stocked them, and you were not allowed to purchase one online (Roland forbid internet sales by their CK dealers).

Just be grateful that, even though they ARE arrogant and unresponsive to their customers (or potential customers), at least Yamaha aren't complete morons at marketing...!

The E60 has been out for well over a year. And yet here we are, only recently getting much user info, and all of that is positively glowing. If they were total dogs, you might expect to see not much interest past the initial curiosity. But we can see this is not so.

It is simply that so few have seen one in person that they aren't selling...
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