Kalimero and Ian, Surely you know I am prejudice towards Roland..

"for me", I think the Roland arrangers sound better than their same class competition does..without any reservations..

The pianos, choirs, strings, basses,etc are no match for the Korg, Yamaha and Ketron boards.. Doesn't mean the others are not great sounds..just the Roland sounds more natural and pleasing.."to me"..

Ian, as how I think the E-60 compares to the PA800..knowing that they are completely different in many ways...

The Korg has the advantage of the mic inputs, audio inputs and a mp3 option...other than that..I would prefer, the E-60 over the PA800, for all of the other reasons and features...Sounds, operation, editing,key feel and range, and construction[built]..
At half the price of the PA800..it is a better value..

Guitar mode has been mentioned on another site to be possible to write in user styles..I can not confirm this, but you do need to learn some playing technique to use it..

Overall the big guy[G70] is still unsurpassed in quality, sounds, harmonizer, etc...for "my Needs"..

First and foremost , If I can't stand the keys..it has to go..Even the best sounds are not enjoyable if it feels like a toy..you can reverse this and even mediocre sounds are better played on a proper weighted , and proper sized keys..