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my mac browser's fault most of the time.
it's a drag to me too for my stuff to always be hard to read.

excellent review Fran. as an E60 user who only tried G70 in a store for an hour I did learn a few things. i use only bass/drums so i am not the typical user. only things i miss from G70 is pedal controller (seriously miss that) and mic input/harmonizer (input only for even more convenience than my nearby mixer- and harmonizer to use primarily as a vocal tuner--when I had genesys pro i set it for unison and pitch correction, and when u r not right near me u couldn't hear my voice, only mic, and pitch corrector makes even those with very good pitch sound even better,if it's used very subtly.

but i would not trade the portability and the
onboard speakers (nice and loud too for monitoring) and a backup unit for same price as one G70. but like Diki says--that's just ME.

I'm finishing up my CD: MO & MADAFO (he plays bongos/handpercussion)and will shoot some samples to y'all next week or so..I'm on E60
all the way 6 tunes , vocals on 2, sopranino
sax on one. I use piano, elec piano, piano/strings, harmonica, organ, scat vocals,
nylon spanish guitar. plus bass/drum swing, bossa, mambo, boogie blues.The piano sound is my own modification of Classic Piano on upper and Superior Piano on lower end. I think
you will be amazed how close to real piano it sounds. Natural piano on G70 and E60 are far
inferior. i played them for rec engineer at session and he agreed not even close to mine.
For organ i combined All Skate w/Organ Bass
(layered/not split)and it's very B3-ish

This follows CD i made just prior called ME AND MY 'NINO which features my sopranino sax and vocals w/a regular trio rhythm section.
pianist/organist Brian Murphy plays his ASS
off, i think u B3 guys will flip when u hear him. this will be first time i ever posted stuff on any forum. I'm a little nervous about the sharpshooters here, but bring it on!!!! I'm feeling confident, because i did my best here and if not up to what u guys expected, I'll know i need to get better.
I'm only 68 so have 20 more years to improve
(at least)

Miami Mo

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Miami Mo