Yep, Roland have done a poor marketing job, to be sure.

Part of my job is educating salespeople on how to demo a Yamaha arranger, from the smallest PSR to the Tyros2, including CVP Clavinova.

I am available to the sales staff on-line as well, and I provide extra styles, and other little perks that help sell the product and/or can be used as after the sale follow-ups ...perhaps to get the customer back in the store and possibly sell them something else.

I even go to some customer's homes and take them through the functions of the Yamaha TOTL and mid range arrangers.

Roland does NONE of that, at least not in my area.

I think they are the "arrogant" ones as they believe the arranger will sell itself...hasn't worked so far.

Dealers don't have much confidence in a product when the company itself has very little enthusiasm for promoting and supporting it.

It's too bad, as Roland arrangers are fine instruments...they deserve better than the little support provided by the company who seem to feel they don't need it.

That's arrogance, my friend.

Yamaha Tyros4, Yamaha MS-60S Powered Monitors(2), Yamaha CS-01, Yamaha TQ-5, Yamaha PSR-S775.