Well I finally got to use the E-60 are the job last night...Cass , can you email me your shipping address..

Just kidding

The E-60 worked perfectly with the band..it didn't miss a beat..

I even found a couple short cuts while playing..namely the split icon on the main screen and the icon for the transpose was there too..still not as functional as the G70, but workable..

This stage [Alfe's] is crowded and normally a pain getting the keyboard out of the case and maneuvering to the stand [G70 to an Apex stand].But the lighter E-60 was a pleasure in this situation..

There is no obstacle in the learning curve...more than 90 % the same..

Now that I have some time , I will set up the user programs, that I am use to using on the G70..including the same styles from the G70[custom locations].

After playing the "toy" keyboards the past month [looking for something that would fill this need]..It was a pleasure playing the E-60 keys..true they are not the G70 key bed, but much better than the last 3-4 entries I tried this month..

Some of the things I used on the E-60 that I normally use with the G70..the D-beam for sound effects and instruments,,,with identical results..

What I did miss was the sliders for quick changes..this I will have to adjust to the new method [select and data wheel]..

I also noticed the modulation control has a short motion to it compared to the G70..Here I rather use the G70 with a full motion..
The other noticeable difference is the mixer button that selects levels of style/ song/ and keyboard parts..where as the G70 has the individual dedicated buttons for the same groups...It didn't take me long to get use to it though..

To recap things..There are a few differences in operation..nothing that would screw up your performance..

As a side bar..another reason why I like this E-60..as I typed this post and my other post at Roland-arranger.com....my 11 year old gran daughter was playing the E-60..It only took a minute for me to set it up for her..