Firstly, Ian... My only reference to Yamaha's arrogance (as you well know!) is their refusal to produce a 76 on anything other than the REAL 'Home' lines. Despite what we all read here.

Now I'm not saying that they don't do market research (but so do all the others that DO make a 76), but you have to question it's accuracy when, here at SZ, the clamor for one is quite constant (and not just from me!). This is a 'general' arranger forum, and there doesn't seem to be any filtering of posters (except for those that get fed up at the constant sniping between some members!), so I am led to believe that this is a representative (albeit small) cross section of arranger players.

How come Yamaha's data is SO different to what we see here, and what we see from other manufacturers? My usage of the word 'arrogance' just reflects this, and also the usual lack of any significant OS updates (want a better Yamaha? Buy a new one, you won't get an update, that's for sure!), despite most other manufacturers' practice of doing this. But maybe 'arrogance' isn't the right word for this. Maybe it's 'laziness' or 'cheapskate'

But there is NO word bad enough for the morons at Roland..! How they managed to destroy their market leader position, despite making some of the best arrangers around borders on the criminal (to their stockholders), or criminally insane! Pile it on, Ian! I agree with every defamatory word...
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!