Well this morning after a wonderful breakfast & watching Fran hoof down a spectacular portion of "Bananas Foster Waffles" topped with mounds of whipped cream like a 12 year old little boy we ventured back to the Studio & I got my first chance to Look at and actually Play a Roland E60 which was proudly perched on the top tier of his TOTL Flagship Roland G70 arranger.

At first glance I was very impressed with the Look & Design. Sleek, elegant, built with Roland quality with a very sturdy mix of hard case "Plastic & Metal" with a nice overall professional color scheme. Layout & buttons all of top quality, multi colored lighted & just the right feel and size for easy navigation on the deck face. The touch screen display although not color is crisp, clean, and very well illuminated for reading & making changes with more buttons along the sides for fast changes, eg: makeup tools, exit, etc, etc. At 18 or so pounds lighter then the G70 it is a pleasure to carry & transport. With 76 keys it is a pleasure to play.....& the Key-feel is very nice, somewhere in between the G70(which are longer) & the PA800 to my touch....great spring tension also. The on-board Speakers are very adequate for home use. Dual headphone front jacks are a nice touch also.
I immediately was able to get around the E60 and go though the styles which are very nice & very Live playing useful thru all the variations....skimming thru the sounds is a cinch and most really sound wonderful & robust which Roland is known for. Piano, Trumpet, Alto Sax, Strings, Accordions & Guitars were super for sure, velocity sensitive makes for very expressive playing them.... Another added very useful feature is the "D" beam. Getting familiar with the E 60 was very easy for me because of my previous ownership of the G1000, E600, Discover 5, & G70 arrangers.
Great sequencer also....
Although there is no Mic processor on the E60.... Anyone that sings easily can route vocals thru a Mixer with Efx instead with no problem. There is SO much more to get into regarding the E60's features to list here...I can truly recommend the E60 arranger to anyone who is looking for a professionally feature packed, Great sounding 76 KEY Arranger Keyboard that you will definitly enjoy playing.. I wish I could have spent more time with it....to tell you more.
BEST Bang for the buck for sure.


PS. Cass dont wait grab one of these asap ....your gonna love it!

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