My first comparison between the G70 and E-60..

First let me explain..I was cancelled last night and did not perform with the E-60...I will use it tonight...

My first comparison statement,,,"the G70 is superior in every way"...but surprisingly not by much in many categories..

In fact the E-60 has a couple edges over the G70...namely speakers for at home monitoring and very small venues..and two headphone jacks...never know when you need to share a headphone..

The E-60 key feel is better than any other board I have played that list under $3,900..except the G70..that includes the PA800 and SD1plus..The Yamaha's are also a lesser me..The keys are full size and proper throw..

The E-60 lacks the aftertouch the G70 gives me...for some that is not a big deal...personally I like can be a useful controller..

The G70 pianos are better, but the E-60 pianos are no slouches..some are very thing I have noticed the E-60 pianos have a heavier thump on the last octave..similar to the DisCover 5 acoustic pianos..
There are several new styles on the E-60, and some are really great...The E-60 reads all the styles from my G70 card including the styles missing that I like on the G70..

Other areas the G70 towers over the E-60 ..Mic input and harmonizer[this we already knew]..but I miss the audio inputs to control laptops and other audio signals via G70 control..Also the insert effects are missing some effects that this feature uses and are not needed on the E-60

When I first listened to demos last year , I was convinced that the sounds were less quality in the E series..When I listened to Roland's style demos[same styles were better quality on the G70 demos]..In the real comparison..not so much..I still think there is an edge with the G70 quality but not as far apart as the demos showed..

I listened to common styles with both instruments thru identical sound systems and headphones...This E-60 lacks nothing..they are so close..only a side by side comparison can give a hint with only a few sounds...

The G70 uses the VK organ in it's one touch settings , of an otherwise same setting as the E-60..Same with the piano[the grand X] to the E-60 [natural piano]..

A few other things I do miss with the E-60 that are available on the G70...The extra upper 3 part and the extra lower 2 part...The 3rd split naturally is also missing.

I also miss the dedicate Keyboard mode split button..There is a work-a-round using the arranger button and turning off the accomp..

The lay outs are almost identical[menu window] and easily similar enough to navigate without boo boos while performing..

I will post again after I use the E-60 on the gig, but I am pretty sure there will be no big surprises..this board was an excellent choice as my second/back up board..

Adi mentioned on another post that I will find myself using the E-60 more and more...He is most likely correct..

The G70 is still my all time favorite board...and I will always use it for my solo work where I need a vocalizer and the audio input...and the VK organ mode that I am use to..same with the piano..and key feel..There is no substitute..but I am not replacing the G70...
and with that this E-60 is a keeper..

Cass, you will have to look for your own deal...

Diki, I have to believe you haven't tried the E-60 yet..sure it is not the G70 [twice the price]...but if you looked at it with an open would shake your head and say "cool"..

BTW: the E-60 comes in at 28 pounds..the G70 is 46 pounds..that is 18 pounds lighter [for those that this would make a difference]...In fact it is lighter than the PA800[61 keys] and the Tyros 2[61 keys]..

That is close to 40 percent lighter than the G70...Makes it sound a lot lighter than some folks made it out to be..

More to come..

PS: Cass , just in case..make me a standing offer...