Every hour that goes by..this E-60 is securing a home here with me..The E-60 is one of the most overlooked [maybe because we can't find them] keyboards on the market..

How good is the E-60...maybe it would have been enough keyboard to make me keep over my trusted G1000...

For those that don't know...that is a stamp of approval

In fact another few days and the E-60 will become..."not available"...Sorry Cass

I can not think of another board, that meets as many needs for me..than the E-60..and I am talking about the other boards at twice the price..not the PA800, not the Tyros2, not the SD series..while all of these are great boards..the E-60 allows me the benefit of what makes the G70 great..
All the goodies in my back up/second board..

I can not recommend this board enough to those that want a Roland arranger..in a lighter package, without too many compromises..

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