I am only chipping in so that there is a little more balance in the virtues of the E60 compared to the PA800.

The E60 has very limited onboard sound editing capabilities unlike the PA800 which has the abilily to edit just about every parameter of the sound.

The E60 has no sampling capability not just in terms of recording and manipulating a sound but it cannot accept external manufacturers sounds so you are stuck with whatever Roland has provided you with and no expansion capabilities either.If you get tired of the roland sounds you are dead in the water! The Pa800 can accept a wide range of commerciallly available sounds giving the user far greater choice than the sounds it comes shipped with including tye ability to edit both the internal and sampled sounds.

Lastly the guitar mode on the roland is limited in that it can only be used in live play from what i have understood from the manual (plaese correct me if i am wrong fran).

Whereas the PA800 can use Guitar mode within the user create styles and sequencer and live

This makes the PA800 in my view hands down a far more versatile instrument than the E60.

Just my contribution to the discussion.