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Ian said, I think they are the "arrogant" ones as they believe the arranger will sell itself...hasn't worked so far.

This is totally correct, but I'd like to change the word arrogant to "stupid." If a dealer can't sell one online, has to buy a half-dozen to even get the product and doesn't stock or know anything about the product, IT CANNOT SELL. That's stupid, not arrogant. It's as if Roland decided not to sell these arrangers in North America.

They could be stupidly arrogant?

Whatever the word, or words, dealers who carry the Roland line in my territory know little of the capabilities of the G70 and E-60...the local Roland rep is a guitar player and as far as I know, there has not been an Roland arranger clinic at my local store in years...lots of other types...synths, amps, effects, guitar synths...but no arrangers.

Ah well, they don't seem to listen to their customers any more than Yamaha, which isn't a lot.

Issues with the G70, such as the accompaniment shutting off when you change fingering might still be present in the new G series...

Too bad you can't get an E-60 Cassp...it must be frustrating, to say the least.


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