Hi Roger, Good to see you've joined 'The KN7000 Club' - Looks like your trip north of the gap did influence you after all
You can indeed put midi, MP3 and .WAV files on the SD card. Personally, I can't see much point in storing .WAV files on an SD card since they take up so much room. The real plus that the SD card provides, is the replacement of the hard disc. I doubt if you can transfer CD music directly to the SD Card, but why would you want to? If you want to play along with a CD, with the sound coming through the KN7000, just connect the line outputs of the CD player to the line inputs of the KN7000.
Good to see you posting again Roger.


Thank you Willum, I performed a search and found more good information. I never gave a thought to recoring a Mp3 file or a wave file onto a SD card. Hmmmmm, more learning.I feel we are now using this forum for what it was designed to do; bring people together and learn about their keyboards.

John C.