I own a KN7000 & have also owned a Tyros3 for 17 months and I must agree with Elizabeth & Audrey - we all have our own personal needs & preferences but I also, still prefer the KN7 to the T3. I should stress that I play every type of music except modern dance and the KN7 excels in almost all of them.
I edit every style I use - easy peasy on the KN7 - the same level of editing on the T3 is impossible and even simple edits become damned hard work on The T3, when it comes to saving the edited style - the KN7 takes you back to the original folder whereas the T3 insists on saving to the user area which means a lot of navigating around the hard drive to put it back where it should be.
Almost all standard work procedures on the T3 are far more complicated than the KN7.

Although the T3 does have some voices better than the KN7's, many of the Yamaha voices are still inferior - for example, the T3's vocal section is completely rubbish and the sole English Horn is in the Legacy folder and sounds unbelievably poor - Yamaha's French Horn is thin & unconvincing, compared to the KN7's.

Bear in mind, the fact that the KN7 appeared well before the Tyros 2 and Yamaha still haven't caught up with it yet - this shows how far in front, Technics were at the time and, had they still been around, we would now be playing the KN9000 - What a dream!