[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bob Hendershot:
If you open your mind and try to use the SD card as most of us do, you will wonder why you bothered with all those panel memory setups.

Bob, I read your post left my computer. Then I walked the dog and then sat watching TV for 20 minutes. I never stopped thinking of what you wrote, maybe I am using the SD incorrectly or at least not as it was meant to be used. Ya got me going.

I would love to leave my registrations for my band/instruments type set ups and have the SD card do the rest. I want to play the song More so I set up the keyboard ready to play and save what on the SD card. You can see there is a wall in front of me, I can almost visualize how to set everything up and then I lose it. Both you and Roger are high on my respect list so I am waiting anxiously.

I find learning something new a blessing.
John C.