When the Tyros 1 became available, I bought one to compliment my KN7000, but I did not like the operating system at all. However, I persevered with it for about three months in order to give it a fair trial, but in the end, I decided it was not for me and sold it back to my dealer.

Although I liked some of the sounds and styles, my big problem was the poor sound and style editing facilities. I like to create most of my own styles from scratch - particularly for most of the 50s, 60s and 70s songs. I like to get the backing styles as close as possible to the original 'hits' to provide the best degree of authenticity, which is what an audience expects to hear on these songs. Playing many of these songs using a built-in KN7000 style, just doesn't sound right! Most of the built-in KN7000 styles - although generally good - are just Generic, rather than specific and don't really do justice to many songs of the 50s - 70s. A few can of course be 'tweaked' slightly to make them more acceptable, for simpler arrangements.

The editing facilities for sounds and styles on all the Technics keyboards, as far back as the KN3000, are very user friendly and on the KN7000, they are second to none, as far as versatility and ease of use are concerned. I cannot say the same about any of the Tyros range - in fact it is a bit of a nightmare to modify a sound or style, or try to create a new sound or style on any of them! This is my main reason for not buying one.
However, having had a chance to play around with the Tyros 2 and Tyros 3, I was quite impressed with some of the sounds. In particular, the Super Articulation voices on the Tyros 3 are in my opinion, outstanding - but still not enough to persuade me to buy one.........
I have tried several different keyboards over the years, since the KN7000 was released, and I have yet to find one which gives me the satisfaction of my beloved KN7000s.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is Music.
Aldous Huxley
( especially when the music is played on a KN7000....)