This subject has been discussed many times before. There are so many things that can be done it would be hard to cover everything on this forum. Maybe I’ll try to make the next Florida Jam.

(I had a paragraph here that talked about the speed of the SD card vs a USB stick. I have removed it because, based on the comment below, it may be interpreted as talking negative about Yamaha's use of USB. That was not the intent.)

You should try to picture the SD card as though it is internal memory in the keyboard, because the keyboard can access it almost as fast as internal memory. The neat thing is that we can change that memory in any way we want and it is almost instantly available. And, there are 1,980 places to put an entire keyboard setup including unique sound memory, composer memory, panel memories, etc. Because of this, most KN7000 users assign a SD card location for each song or medley. They could just as easily put “Big Band Slow” or “Country Line Dance” or whatever setups they wanted to call them in each of those locations. What they choose to put in the various memory locations is a matter of personal taste. It could include sequencer files with lyrics display or whatever they chose to use.

John, you are using the KN7000 custom and panel memories almost exactly the way we used to set up the old KN3000/5000 keyboards. The only difference is that you are able to load your panel and custom memories much faster with the SD card than we could with the old floppy disks. But, you continue to play the keyboard in the same old way . . .

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