Originally posted by RMepstead:
Hi John - you say:
''On the Kn7000 you have 20 + 3 non-preset styles available by touching 2 buttons. On my Tyros3 I have hundreds of styles available by pressing 2 or 3 buttons. It is the same for songs and registrations. It is all coming from a memory stick. (USB)''
If you had my KN7000 memory stick better known as an SD Card you would equally have hundreds of registrations/style files call them what you will immediately available to you...so no difference there...

Roger, I love you but it is not the same trust me. I do know how to work with the Favorite songs, and with the registration and with a SD card to call up what I need, but when you sit with both keyboards in front of you and go through the different steps the is a big difference. The latest for Yamaha is that with one registration you can call up a style, the lyrics, the intro,the tempo, the key transposition, instruments that are not in the OTS of the keyboard and all of this information is stored an the USB memory stick.

There is so much more, all nice to have but none of it made play more or better. It's new technology and if there are 100 people on the dance floor and you wish to go from A to Z quickly they would come in handy. I have not even mentions the Music Finder which is another plus. For me, I find the Kn7000 registrations 10 X 8 plus 3 X 8 (104) works fine and with a second loading I have 104 more places to put what I want.

Roger, If I am off on this thinking please tell me.
John C.