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Part of the answer to John C's question, "Why are the younger players not playing Technics"..... Because they are no longer available, that is at least one reason why.

Sorry, But I was referring to the last four to five years and they have been available during this period. John C.

BTW, John C. Why are you selling your Tyros 3?

I need to be honest to answer your second question. When the Kn7000 was brought to my home and I played it through my new Bose compact PA I became excited, the sound was great so I put the Tyos3 for sale.

There are two musicians who have asked me to form a trio, I said yes and thought I would use the Kn7. After two days of trying to program the Kn7000 I turned back to the Tyros 3. I made another discovery in setting the compressor and the EQ, and I made some adjustments in the styles. I was able to get styles for every song and every category. When I used my setup with the trio the sound and ease of operation (getting to all the songs, tempos, Intros, styles, and keys) was good, very good.

My love affair for the Kn7000 is not over -- when I play the great trumpet and the piano it brings me back to where it all started. I want to buy one, but that does not change my reasons for wanting to use the Tyros 3 on a job. The options and style availability outweigh the Kn7000 for my use.

As far as buddy goes I am committed to help him in whatever direction he chooses, I find him to be the kind of man that I will enjoy making a relationship with. Soft, kind, has an open mind and we are in the same place with our religious beliefs.

John C.