All of the opinions posted about the Kn7000 and the Tyros 3 are based on a certain type of music and the player’s age and ability, using that criteria I must fully agree. Not to be misunderstood – I too love the Kn7 but I feel my opinion should based on a different criteria based on owning every Technics keyboard from the Kn1000 and every Yamaha keyboard from the Psr2100 right through the Tyros 1, Tyros 2 and now the Tyros 3.

My first question – Why are the majority of younger musicians/keyboard players playing Korgs, Yamaha, and Rolands and not Technics?
This past week I had a Kn7000 and my Tyros 3 playing through my new Bose compact PA side by side without any adjustments. All three of us are musicians/keyboard players we agreed that they were both great keyboards but very different in their sound. The Kn7 being much thinner in sound than the Tyros 3 – they are two different animals.

I quote from my friends post, Incidentally Buddy - if you've struggled to use the KN7000, the operating system of the Tyros is even more complicated, and the sounds and range of rhythms no different/better IMO...
Roger is correct, but why. If the Kn7 has 102 ways to do a job the Tyros 3 has 402 to do the same job with many more options. The laptop computer that I have since 2001 is not as complicated as the laptops they are offering today -- and that is because they offer so much more. I do feel some of the programs in the old laptop are easier to work with.

Quoting form Audrey’s post, “Because of the complicated way in which styles, patterns and voices are saved, The Tyros 3 is VERY TIME CONSUMING and at times embarrassingly unreliable in loading songs etc. and this is why I still use my KN7 for gigs. It is quicker to name, save and load, Easier by far to operate, and is most definitely more reliable.

I agree the Kn7000 is one reliable keyboard – but I do not understand the rest – I use my computer to load everything including my styles and songs on to a memory stick (stick drive) and simply play them on the Tyros 3 directly without loading them in the keyboard.

The Tyros 3 can --
1-Compression and EQ to your sound, both offer many, many options and more than one can be saved for quick recall.
2-It has the option to bring you back to any one of 4 different places when you are playing a midi file. You go back and repeat just by pressing one of four buttons
3-The amount of support for the keyboard is fantastic.
4-The amount of free styles available is staggering. I have aprox. 400 user styles on my memory stick that can be called easily by pressing a registration. (Memory panel)
5-The music finder offers many features – styles can be called by tempo, name, style or gender. When you place a code letter with a style you can do a search by typing the code letter and all the songs with that letter appear. What a fantastic option when you're looking for Latin music or favorites or specialty songs -- the music list is limited to aprox. 2,000 songs. And it set your style and tempo and intro and variation that you have chosen. There is so much more but let me stop here.

No need for more here this Tyros 3 keyboard is great. Does this take away from the beloved Kn7000, it is a different animal offering something very special – and that is why I will have one in my home when it becomes available, it is one great keyboard.

Buddy my advice to you is to keep your Kn7 keyboard and if have need for what the newer keyboards are offering buy it. If dollars are an issue sell it so that you will have the means to purchase that which you feel will do the job. There are some that have regretted selling their Kn7000 keyboards, I am one of them but I could not go ahead and miss what the newer keyboards are offering, I need to move on.

No keyboard has it all so we must decide on all the options offered. Moving ahead will as it always does create a new learning curve. Is it worth the effort? You must answer that one.

IMHO, John C.