I disagree that the KN7000 is an easier, and faster operating system than a Yamaha (I have a PSR-3000) It's less of a chore for me to edit and save a style, sound or registration on the PSR, than on any KN keyboard I previously owned.

It's just a matter of loading a style,or sound, tap mixing console, adjust parts and save. Also IMO, the USB thumb drive available on Yamaha, is perhaps faster and more reliable than the SD Card. On the Yamaha keyboard tap style, USB, and load a style almost instantly. I could never get into editing and saving styles on Technics, just seemed like way too much trouble even to just tweek a bit.

The Technics was a great keyboard, but to me the operating system was not user friendly. Ever try and save a song as a midi? Not an easy task on the KN's but midi save is standard on Yamaha. It's not even called midi on Technics, they invented a new sound file, not to be confused with right hand sounds. I never understood the purpose of a default save as a "Technics File" that could only be played on certain Technics keyboards. You can play any song recorded on any arranger keyboard on a Yamaha, other than a Technics, because all other keyboards have a default save as .mid You can hear us, but we can't hear
you. Now the newer Yamaha's can even directly record as a wave (mp3) while the KN7000 utilizes SD Audio, with Jukebox...another difficult chore to decipher.
There are many other reason I would chose Yamaha over Technics, not the least, Technics is no longer. So why in the World would you even think about the KN, when Yamaha is going strong, has tons of software, styles, registrations, and has the standard file system available.

Just my opinion, I loved my Technics keyboards, but you can't argue with the advances in technology since the KN-7000 days. Yamaha keeps inventing and improving while unfortunaly, Technics has left us.

It's been awhile since I posted...hope everyone is doing fine, and I do think loyalty is a fine virtue. Technics was a big part of my Pop's life, and was there entertaining him till the end. For that, Technics will always have a place in my heart and gets a 4 star rating.

Take care my friends
Larry "Hawk"

Hawk Music

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