I have read all the opinions about both the Tyros3 and the Kn7000, I feel that my opinion may have additional value because for the last 4 years I have owned and worked with Psr 3000, Tyris 1, Tyros2, Tryos3, and I sold three Kn7000 because of the fantastic technology available in the new Yamaha keyboards. I now own a Kn7000. WHY?

When you are used to an operating system and have worked with it for many years a new operating system is a challenge. So it is tuff trying to learn the operating system on a Yamaha for most Kn7000 players/lovers. Yamaha is so far ahead of the Kn7000 in many ways. I have my new Kn7000 for a week now and I must say the technology is old as compared to. The sequencer on the Kn7000 is still the king. And so are most of the Style editing features. Just one view – On the Kn7000 you have 20 + 3 non-preset styles available by touching 2 buttons. On my Tyros3 I have hundreds of styles available by pressing 2 or 3 buttons. It is the same for songs and registrations. It is all coming from a memory stick. (USB) The Ty3 can even make a sophisticated recording of CD quality. Enough.

My answer to “Why” – It sounds better (Real) and it is very friendly. I played for three hours yesterday and one thought came to my mind; The player is blessed when he plays the Kn7000, it is mostly about me having the ease of navigation and loving the sound of the individual instruments. let no one tell you about the great sounds on another keyboard, the important part is how do they sound in the total picture, how do they blend. On my Kn7000 they blend exactly as I heard them in person or on a recording. (CD) I guess the word is reality. My trumpet, Violin and piano sounds make me want to play, They go beyond sounding something like. The finishing touch is when I played the Kn7000 through my Bose compact, it added to the reality of the instrument. Heaven. I have been blessed in my purchase of the Kn7000, it has almost had zero use.

No more comparing apples with oranges, Technology is technology and user friendly and sound reality to is what I need to play and enjoy. Wow, did I say all that.

Looking forward to the 2011 jam in Florida, John C.