Ya gotta give Boo one thing....he is a stalwart supporter of the essence of good music and the need to "spread the word".

Me, too. I believe it is my job to not only play tunes the public likes, but to educate the public to appreciate great tunes.

I want them, for instance, to be exposed to little known material of substance.

To do that, I play smaller jobs, to people who are listeners, rather than drinkers. That means less $$$$. It's worth it.

I'm not just talking jazz. Recently, I've been talking about "How Do You Keep The Music Playing", and "Just Once"; neither are jazz songs, but more Broadway type tunes. But they're beautiful musical structures. And, to do them right, you have to be better than average and study/work harder.

Sometimes, as Chas reminds us, the beauty is in the interpretation. Listen to "A House is not a Home", or "Superstar", by Luther closely, sometime. How about "Song For My Father" by Horace Silver?

I believe my job is more than just playing requests.

Am I wrong?


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