guitpic1, you've got money invested in gear right. Invest $35 more in a "Realbook" and learn to play the songs with the right chords. If you don't know how to make the chords get another book that will show you how to form the chord. You'll enjoy playing the song m ore with the correct chords.This will give you confidence and you won't hurt the ears of ones who can hear all of the wrong chords. If you're going to learn to lay brick, build cabinets, or sail a boat, would you want to learn the right way to accomplish this feat? There are plenty enough who screw up chords in everything they play. What I'm saying here is known as constructive criticism to encourage you. It's not meant to put you down and discourage you. There isn't enough constructive criticism on this forum and that's why so many are stuck in playing horrible chord passages. I used to think that the guys here were complimenting bad music to be polite. However, after 15 years I now know that most do not know when one is playing the wrong chords. These ones are known to have tin ears. I know the public doesn't care, but you should. Would you want to lay crooked brick,build an ugly looking cabinet paint a half ass painting? Of course not. Take some pride in you musical ability. Start with a $35 book with good chord progressions. Amen
I'm not prejudiced, I hate everybody!! Ha ha! My Sister-In-Law had this tee shirt. She was a riot!!!