I love DonM and Gary and I mean them no offense. I don't care if they only know 150 variations of chord structure in only 10 keys and sound like Willy Nelson. Along with Randy, Garth, Eddie Arnold, Ray Price, and the Boot Scoottin Boogie boys, Willy is one of the better country vocalist.

OK who did I leave out Don?

Oh! and I'd rather talk to Gary's wife then him too. She's got to be at least 10 or 12 times better looking then that ugly face that Gary walks around with.

Uncle Dave will always be the one I remember arguing with! He was the greatest.

What about Donny. He's always been generous in sharing his great Ray Charles and Steve Tyrell midi's with me.

Chas and Russ I would gig with for free.

Oh remember how Uncle Dave vigorously deplored the word "GIG" which I'm sure he still does. Hahaha!
I'm not prejudiced, I hate everybody!! Ha ha! My Sister-In-Law had this tee shirt. She was a riot!!!