SD7 sounds great. Don's vocals sound great. But that's not what's important here (yikes, here it comes). That tune is melancholy and bluesy and needs to be done that way. The chord structure helps but every decent rendition is peppered with little soulful 'licks' and blues-tinged accents (on piano, sax, even strings) and that's what gives it it's character or 'feel'. If you're going to do this song on an arranger keyboard you MUST add the 'spice' yourself (as Don has done here). Without it, no matter how good your vocals, it's not going to hack it. At every break in this tune, it cries out for a little soulful riff.

Good job, Don. Now about Willie. Who says he's underrated? He's always been one of my favorites and about the closest I'll ever get to having a Country hero smile. Of course, his image, persona, and social attitudes had a lot to do with that. The man wrote tons of hit R&B tunes during the 60's and 70's for Black artists during that era (little known fact).

I was a little suprised at how good that SD7 Sax sounded, but I think I prefer the Roland trumpet. Just an opinion, though.

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