I'm liking this! First, this proves that, with some sensitivity, it's possible to post a critique of substance and have it appreciated ,not resented.

2nd, I think that some of the negative criticism of Chas is unfortunate. And, Don's 2nd post is that of a real man who reconsidered a hasty comment. He didn't have to clarify, seeing how he's the biggest and meanest of us all.

3rd, fortunately, our poster saw all comments, including the "squirley ones" from dear Boo for what they really were, sincere efforts to help.

Frankly, there were times when I wich I had been brave enough to be blatant about some really basic errors in posts.

I share Chas' image of a negative dude. Sadly, sometimes that assessment is right.

But this sequence of shared experience, knowledge and opinions
was GREAT!

Let's keep it up!