Tx for the critique and comments.

Doesn't bother me in the least.

A couple of comments:

I'm always open to doing something in a 'correct' fashion. After all I'm a rookie. I first learned Georgia on the guitar. Virtually everyone I played the song with from professionals on played it in their own version...and, of course, everyone I played the song with was convinced their version was the correct one. I'm sure I'm not getting all the chords correct, that was part of the reason for putting the song on YouTube.

And, true to form, I've heard from a few professionals already encouraging me to use
The correct chords. And, as usual, all the renditions I've received are slightly different.


Also, I'm using styles. Certain styles don't lend themselves as well to the chord changes suggested.

One final thought.

I played a tune for a friend the other day. He kindly let me know that, although he liked the song, I should be aware that I was using the wrong chords for the song. This fellow was a pro...many years on the road.

I smiled and thanked him for the critique but said I would use the chords as I had played it for him.

"Why on earth do that?" He asked. Because I said, I wrote the song and that's the chord structure I wanted.

It’s all about the learning