I was just using the song as an example of the website. He openly admits the songs there are his own versions. My post said the arrangements were interesting.
And I have seldom seen sheet music that accurately reflects the way a song is played. I actually haven't listened to Ray's version in years, and I'm probably not close to that either. Maybe closer to Willie's. By the way, I think Willie is much underrated as a musician.
Chas, if you want to be helpful instead of critical, you can simply post the correct chords.
I strongly agree we need helpful constructive criticism of posted songs. I have learned a lot from posting my mistakes here. Diki used to be helpful, though not tactful. smile While I'm rambling, he is about an inch away from being banned on Korg Forum, even though I think he is right on what he is saying there. A lot depends on how you say it!

To audiopic1: Please don't be discouraged from posting your songs. We DO mean well, all of us. smile