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So happens I recorded Georgia recently on the job, using Ketron SD7.

Don, nice.

Confirms for me there are as many versions of the song as there are folks performing it.

Don, do you record each performance?

I've been thinking of doing that. Thing is I think video would be he most help, since, as Gary points out, we are entertainers.

Most of my audiences return based on my ability to entertain them...not my musical skills.

I want to consider myself a musician. And, as a musician, I want to improve my musical skills. But I also realize that, for the most part, my audiences are much more concerned about being entertained than how good my rendition of a song is.

Now I should mention:

My daughter and her husband are trained(college educated piano players)musicians. They are very concerned about the quality of their music. But it's also true that they earn their living doing something other than music.

My brother has taught vocal music(and is a trained piano player) for over 40 years. He has told me that he would struggle to generate income as an entertainer although, as near as I can tell, he is as good as anyone I see on TV.


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It’s all about the learning