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Chas, if you want to be helpful instead of critical, you can simply post the correct chords.

Well I guess the clear implication here is that I'm critical and NOT helpful. It seems no matter how I try to phrase things, it's going to be perceived as negative. And if I said absolutely nothing and just posted the correct chords (as a response to a posted performance), how would THAT be perceived?

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I strongly agree we need helpful constructive criticism of posted songs.

But what? by only certain members? and who decides what is constructive and what is negative? and what part of what I said was 'critical'/negative? I was merely agreeing with Boo that if one truly wants to learn a new song, I'd think they would want to learn it correctly first before modifying it.


Damn it Chas, I can't seem to keep from hurting your feelings, and I hope you know that isn't my intention, ever.
I didn't say JUST post the chords and don't comment. You are one of the guys who's knowledge of music and feel for playing it I highly respect. I re-read your post. Maybe I read it too hastily the first time, and I apologize for saying something that I can see was easily misconstrued, even though I didn't mean it that way.
And Boo, it seems the jazz enthusiasts are always so ready to look down upon the rest of us, who are here because we play and love arrangers. It is not necessary to play every passing chord and embellishment we know to make a song sound good. Some of us aren't that good, but we can still make music. And there is nothing wrong with being successful enough at it to make a little money.
I'm so sorry this thread has turned into this, and I regret being at least a part of the reason.
I'm going to watch football now. Maybe I'll play When The Saints Go Marching In and use all three chords.