Thanks for the comments.
I do record myself every job. Not every song, because I do a lot of the same songs every night. I have a Tascam DR-05 recorder. I run a Send from my mixer left and right into the two stereo channels on the recorder. Since everything, including mic goes through my keyboard and then mixer, the recorded mix will be exactly what is sent to my speakers.
If I weren't so old, fat and ugly, I'd do more video.
About this particular song. I am not totally familiar with the SD7 yet. I had a request for Georgia. I picked a Swing style, used the one-touch sounds and the default tempo and took off. I would ordinarily do it just a little slower.
Because of the way arrangers work, it is sometimes difficult to do a lot of quick left-hand changes, so the notes you add with the right can be used to sort of complete the chord. I like what Chas said about Pepper, because it's like you are adding a little seasoning to a good steak to make it even better.
There are better trumpet and sax sounds on board.
Chas there are LOTS of things I like about the Rolands. Just today I was listening to a recording of myself from 2006 on the G70. It sounded live and full, especially the drums and horns. Too bad they don't seem to be serious about arrangers any more. With just a LITTLE help the BK9 would have been a great arranger. It's pretty darn good as it is.