Can you tell me how good is Guitar mode for live playing?

As far as I understood, it could be only used for live playing and guitar solo only (without backing ie. without playing together with styles). Is that true?

Also, I haven't heard anything but nylon strings guitar demo, and I know there is also electric guitar but don't know how does it sound. Is there possibility to play electric guitar with some effects (fuzzy, distortion, etc.) for music like Pink Floyd (Time, Another brick in the wall...) or Santana (Samba pa ti)?

One more thing, how does the sound of E-60 compares to the sound of other TOTL arrangers, are there sounds that are multi-sampled per velocity, so that You hear different sound depending on how hard You play the keys (from one instruments to whole section of instruments for orchestral sounds like strings and brass, or different breath simulation for brass instruments that resembles actual brass player)? I hope You will understand what I meant. ;-)