First of all , generally speaking ,their hardware is second to none.Since they dont change their style -laptops wise 2008 MBP looks and feel better than 2013 vaio or super Samsung/HPs. Their battery life is stable. After a year or 2, still hold 70-80% charge.

You still need PC (or dual boot) if you need certain things.(windows is not going anywhere)

Macs are also loosing their cool /exclusive factor sInce everybody (young kids) start using them everywhere compared to 3 years ago.(like iPhone -everybody has one now).go to a Starbucks /CF BEAN, old,young,cool,geek, homeless all using Macs.

For a serious musician with limited money but with long term goals (recording to live work ),Mac is the way to go.

And ofcourse , resale value- just check the Craig 's list )

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