Ok I'll jump in here. My take on the reason there are more PC's than Macs is that they were here first, thus basic software was made for them first and the business community started using them first. They guy who sold me my first B3 in 1970 was an IBM tech. full time and repaired Hammonds on the side. PCs were it in the business world and he traveled the country fixing them for big corporations. Apple wasn't invented yet and PC's had the market to themselves.
I switched from a music teacher to a computer teacher and was there when the first Apple II's came into the schools around 1985. BTW this being in a school where the Principal said "Computers would never cross his threshold " Apple wisely saw this new market and educational programs were written for Apples so they became mainstays in schools. In Calif. they donated one free computer to ever school thus ensuring future sales in education. Also they NEVER gave use any problems, even with kids using them all day. I can remember only two power supplies going bad.
Back to the business world. A guy/irl uses an IBM or whatever all day at work and wants a computer for home. He sticks with the PC he know rather than learning something new from Apple. Most people don't realize how easy it is to switch to an Apple. Programmers who want to sell their products lean towards PC's just because there are more users to sell to, although I think that is changing. Its an economic circle that is slowly changing. I also have a good friend who sells custom made corporate software packages. And yes they are PC because thats whats always been there in these business' but guess what? All the techies in his office and even he as a salesmen use MACS in the office and have been given IPADS for their work. Go figure !!!
Eventually my school system switched to PC's. The reason given was they would better prepare the kids for the business world. I believe it was the cost factor and the fact that the techs doing the planning were familiar with the PC world. Again the circle, thats what they knew so thats what they pushed. Oh' and then the fun started, constant problems and numerous visits by the district techs. I also need to mention that while in my first small school I got a grant to get a new MAC lab of a teacher workstation and 12 student computers all networked together. Once setup it worked flawless, never a problem or crash, was way ahead and did things PC's couldn't.
I once suggested the new MAC laptops made in plastic cases, designed for kids, as a reliable moveable classroom system with WIFI built in. Being just a teacher I was of course ignored and they went ahead with mini PC's on carts. Out of 30 units purchased 6 went down within the first two months.
Apples are expensive but you get quality and ease of use. There is more than enough software to do almost any task you need to and its growing every day. I think Roland products are priced 50% more than they're worth too but its the same with them for me. And if you noticed they just jumped over to Apple with their IPAD app for the BKs.
When I hear people complain about they're computer problems (always a PC system) my stock answer is "get a MAC" LOL !

Big time OT--OK now that we've solved the computer issue what do you think about Maker's Mark saying they're going to start adding water to their Bourbon to keep up with demand. Is nothing sacred ???!!!
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